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Best Electric Bikes for Women That Make It Easy to Ride Anywhere

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Electric Bikes for Women

The Best Electric Bikes for Women in 2024

In this guide you will find the answers to some of the most common questions regarding women's electric bikes, but above all we will understand together what are the prices of electric bikes suitable for you.

Advantage of the electric bike

The advantage of the electric bicycle is to avoid the driver from any excessive effort: it is considered, in fact, a faithful ally for all those women who are looking for an agile means of moving around in traffic.

How the electric bike works

Depending on the model, to operate the electric bike you need to give the pedal a turn or operate the accelerator: once you have started, you can continue pedaling or hold the accelerator to keep the engine running.

eBikes in the UK

Parking cost saving per year

% of all bike trips made by women

Million e-bike manufactured in a year

How much does a women's electric bike cost?

A women's electric bike is a motor-assisted ride designed specifically for women that reduces the amount of effort required to pedal. Electric bikes are similar to regular bicycles, but they have a battery and motor. This means that e-bikes are available in road, hybrid, and gravel varieties, so there's a model to suit your needs.

ST3IKE ADO A16 Folding Ebike

The ST3IKE A16 e-bike is a folding, lightweight and ultra-compact electric bike

BEZIOR M2 Electric Moped

BEZIOR M2 is a city bicycle second to none, ideal for the individuals who need to move from home to work and the other way around

ONEBOT S6 Portable Folding Electric Bike

For the price, the speed, power and distance offered by the Onebot S6 is more than ample

Xiaomi Electric Bike Himo C26

The Himo C26 is a new electric bike from Xiaomi that is designed for both urban and off-road riding

Foldable Cross Country City eBike A20

To conquer any terrain, the ST3IKE City A20 ebike is equipped with a 350W motor and a 36V 10,400 mAh battery

HIMO Z20 Fold City

The folding frame allows you to simply store the bike in the tightest of places like under a work desk, car trunk or even into a carry bag when not in use

Take a look at some of the top women's e-bikes available

Women's electric bike models will feature a women's saddle and narrower handlebars to ensure that they fit properly right out of the box.

The initial impression of e-bikes as "cheating" has been dispelled, and rightfully so. E-bikes provide an electric-assisted ride, but you must still put up effort to reap the benefits.

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Electric bicycle for women: how it works

The advantage of the electric bike is to avoid the rider from any excessive effort: it is considered, in fact, a faithful ally for all those women who are looking for an agile means to move in traffic, but which does not require the same effort as a normal bike and which, at the same time, does not have particular costs like a moped.

The operating principle is based on pedal assistance: the bike is equipped with an electric motor that is powered by a battery. In the more classic models, to activate the motor you have to pedal: in this way it activates and continues to work. The pedalling is obviously light, in practice simulated. You won't need to make any effort, just turn the pedals.

The engine is also kept running by the accelerator located on the right handlebar grip: if you stop pedalling, the bicycle slows down a bit, but does not stop completely. The only thing that can happen if you don't pedal is that the engine unloads faster: at that point, to go home, you will have to pedal without assistance. The new generation models are equipped with a pedal sensor: in this case it is no longer important to give the initial pedal stroke to activate the engine and continue pedalling to keep it running, but all this is replaced by the convenient accelerator: our advice is anyway to keep pedalling every now and then to help the engine run better.

What speed does an electric bike go?

British law regulates the speed of electric bikes which cannot exceed 15.5 miles and cannot have a motor more powerful than 250W. These models are also referred to as pedelecs. You don't have to be the one to regulate the speed of the bicycle, but an internal sensor will take care of slowing it down when you are at the limit.

Types of women's electric bikes

There are several types of women's electric bikes:

  • Mini electric bike: these are bicycles that have a wheel with a smaller radius than normal bicycles. They are more captivating for those looking for a particular design, so much so that the saddle and handlebar stand out, which seem much longer than those of a normal bike.
  • Electric mountain bike: e-mtb are having exponential success because in addition to being used in the city, they can be used on mountain trails and with minimal effort. Moreover, they are equipped with excellent suspension and shock absorbers.
  • Electric city bike for women: the one with a classic city design, with wide radius wheels and a basket to carry things.

The 5 best electric bikes of 2024 compared

The electric bikes or pedal assisted bicycles or more simply ebike, differ from normal bicycles for the presence of a battery electric motor that helps pedaling (assists) reducing the effort of the cyclist , thus allowing him to tackle more demanding routes such as uphill or simply longer ones.

Ranking of the best electric bikes 2024

N°1 ADO D30C Urban Hybrid - The most efficient

The ADO D30C City Electric Bike is built to perfectly match your city life, with a durable, lightweight aluminium frame, Shimano 9-speed transmission, an ultra-long range of 56mi, and a super-cool set of features.

With a weight of only 48lbs, this vehicle acquires a lot of agility when driving and practicality in transportation.
Even without help, pedalling is not as taxing as it is with other models.
The ADO D30C is equipped with 27.5-inch CST All Terrain tyres with a 1.95-inch broad tread pattern that provides outstanding road comfort while also providing good dirt grip.

N°2 ENGWE EP-2 PRO 750W Folding Electric Mountain Bike - The most practical

New 2024 Model 750W Folding Electric Mountain Bike with Ultra Powerful Motor

The ENGWE EP-2 Pro is a sleek, attractive electric mountain bike with fat tyres. The brilliant brushed finish on the 20-inch aluminium alloy frame is a nice touch. Its collapsible top tube and frame make it easy to transport and store in your car or anywhere else. It only takes 10 seconds to fold the bike. It can handle any mission thanks to its 750W high-torque motor.

It can readily aid you in travelling at 28mph thanks to its 750W high-speed brushless gear motors and 48V clever brushless controller.

N°3 ADO A20F SUV FOLD X - The most performing

The ADO A20F SUV FOLD X is built for versatility, with a folding frame that allows you to go places other ebikes can't. The SUV FOLD X can easily fit under most desks and in other out-of-the-way areas when folded.
The City and Off-Road Electric Beast

Nothing can stop you in our ADO A20F ST3IKE SUV, whether it's dirt, mud, snow, or sand!

The SUV Fold X is for men and women who want more than just a flashy fat tyre electric bike; they want something that has all of the best parts to give them a great ride. It's a capable climber but also fun in the city.
The nicest feature is that it's foldable!

N°4 ST3IKE ADO A26 Urban Family Bike 500W - The most versatile

500W Urban Electric Bike with Outstanding All-Round Performance for the Money

If you want to try new trails, broaden your weekly ride routes, and have a good time while doing it, the ST3IKE ADO A26 electric mountain bicycle is the bike for you. It offers the perfect combination of trail performance and power to give you the ride of your life.
The frame is made of Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy, which is strong, lightweight, and incredibly responsive in equal measure.
The frame has been developed with human body dynamics in mind.
You'll get a comfortable riding experience thanks to the dual disc brakes and high-strength steel fork.

N°5 ST3IKE ADO A16 Folding Electric Bike - The cheapest

The ST3IKE ADO A16 electric bike is a foldable, light, and ultra-compact electric bike.
It's perfect for families, commuters, campers, boat owners, or just city dwellers looking for a convenient electric bike to go around town.

The ST3IKE ADO A16 is incredibly light, weighing only 21 kilogrammes.
ST3IKE ADO e-bikes combine lightweight and rigidity thanks to their 6061 aluminium alloy frame.

First of all we must understand what kind of vehicle meets our needs, which routes we should face, but broadly speaking we can say that the price of an ebike suitable for daily use can be between 800 and the 1500 pounds.

If, on the other hand, we need a more performing and even lighter electric bike such as Electric Mountain Bikes, prices go up and we can find excellent products between 2000 and 4000 pounds.
Of course there are also ebikes that cost much more, but this is not the place to deal with ultra-equipped electric bikes.

In any case, whatever type of bicycle you want to buy, the first thing to consider is the use to which the electric bike will be destined: City routes? Hiking on dirt roads? Short trips or long challenging trips?

Only in this way will you understand which electric bike is suitable among City Electric Bikes, Electric mountain bikes, Trekking electric bikes and Hybrid electric bikes.

Naturally, in the price comparison it must be considered that the best price comes from a series of factors, such as the quality of the components and it is not recommended to save and then have to spend on subsequent repairs. Today on the market you can find many mid-range or even budget electric bikes with advanced technical characteristics, as evidenced by the reviews and opinions on the web.

When selecting the optimal electric bike, it's essential to consider factors such as structure, design, materials, and accessories, just as you would with a traditional bicycle. These elements play a crucial role in determining the bike's comfort and its interaction with electrical components, including the battery and motor.

First and foremost, evaluating the frame is paramount, as an ideal electric bike typically weighs less than 20 kg, and the frame must adequately support the motor and battery. It's advisable to choose a model with a sturdy yet lightweight frame when exploring electric bike options.

Additionally, the shape of electric bikes varies based on their intended use. Racing bikes tend to feature a sleeker design, while electric mountain bikes prioritize robustness. Conversely, electric city bikes often sport a raised handlebar compared to racing bikes to alleviate strain on the back and shoulders. For urban dwellers facing parking constraints and high theft rates, folding electric bikes present a convenient solution.

Material selection is another critical consideration, with electric bikes typically crafted from steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber—the latter being the lightest option. Opting for an aluminum frame strikes a balance between durability and versatility, despite being slightly heavier than carbon fiber alternatives.

Lastly, assessing additional components can enhance the overall riding experience. On-board computers, typically mounted on the handlebar, serve as the control hub for the motor and provide essential information such as battery charge and assistance levels. Higher-end models may feature advanced functionalities like an odometer and GPS connectivity via Bluetooth to smartphones.

Furthermore, certain electric bikes, especially those tailored for urban commuting, may come equipped with accessories such as mudguards, luggage racks, ergonomic seats, and front baskets, further enhancing comfort and utility. By carefully evaluating these factors, riders can make informed decisions when selecting the best electric bike to suit their needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bikes

The world of e-bikes has never been so rich, with many types of vehicles available on the market: urban, trekking, mtb, cargo, road and much more. Different types of bikes, different destinations and different types of engines, the "muscle" that exerts the thrust. The motors are divided into two types: brush motor and induction motor (called brushless). Brush motors have a lower efficiency because the current passes through brushes which, by rubbing against a collector, dissipate part of the energy in heat.

  • Electric bike: a sport for lazy people?

    Let's immediately dispel the false belief that “it's easy with an eBike”, because it is absolutely not true. Yes, we receive assistance from the engine, but that never replaces our effort at 100%. Of course, with the electric bike it is less fatigue than with a muscle bike at the same distance, but if we double the distance we get the same physical effort as the muscle bike. Indeed, with an electric bike the movement of the pedal is more constant, there are fewer jerks, making it less traumatic.

  • In other words, how far can we travel before the battery is completely discharged? The declared value is indicative because it depends on many factors. The range is primarily determined by the amount of energy that the battery contains (a 500nm battery will be larger than a 250nm one and will allow you to travel more kilometers). But autonomy also depends on many other factors. The friction of the tires on the ground and the impact with the air. Think that with a city eBike in the absence of wind, at 25 km/h, more than 50% of the driving force is needed to overcome the dynamic friction with the air itself.
    A heavier weight on the electric bicycle helps to reduce the range because it increases the rolling friction. And then the level of assistance chosen has a profound influence on the residual autonomy of the electric bicycle. Another factor is the slope of the route, another condition that affects autonomy. The uphill route consumes much more energy than a flat route.

  • Absolutely not in current electric motors. The battery discharges and cannot be charged except with electricity. Although there are exceptions. The Italian Zehus has an engine that recharges (partially) when you are not pedalling, just like with hybrid-engine cars. It has a hub motor and is equipped on some urban bikes.

  • Absolutely nothing. The modern ebikes of the most famous motors are impermeable to water and are also resistant to the high pressure washing of car washes. Before washing them with a high pressure jet, however, read the specifications, there may be exceptions in the cheaper electric motors.

  • Good news: electric motors do not need periodic checks and maintenance. Just pay attention to check the tightness of the frame bolts as on these bikes there is greater stress on the frame and components, due to the higher weight. It is on the drums that the painful notes arrive, since they are not eternal and with time they tend to run out, like all accumulators. The manufacturers declare a performance for a certain number of recharge cycles and are given functional for 500/700 recharge cycles. Should the accumulator wear out, you can easily change it as long as it is the same model. Unfortunately in this sense the costs are not contained, given that a battery can cost several hundred pounds, and in second analysis it can be difficult to find them due to the complications due to the multiplicity of attacks present on different bikes and the fact that every year the producers turn out different and more performing models. Unfortunately, it is not even necessary to have a second battery at the time of purchase, since time can wear them out even if they are used little. The situation is different when a second battery is purchased in order to have greater autonomy during excursions.